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Kitten Defarge

7 November
I'm a 20-something college graduate in the midwest. I first started working with yarn before I was 10, when my mom gave me a crochet hook and showed me some basics. Of course, my first project wound up less like a scarf and more like a demented potholder, but my love for yarn has not decreased.

In high school, I took up knitting. My first project was a 6-foot scarf made of blue verigated Red Heart acrylic on size 7 needles. Since then I've made several scarves, hats, various stuffed animals, a pair of socks, some arm warmers, but no sweaters.... YET.
attempting to knit socks, bags, cascade 220, chai, continental, continental knitting, double-handed stranded knitting, hats, knitting, patterns, purses, scarves, stranded knitting, sweaters, tea, weasley sweaters, yarn