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Kitten Defarge [userpic]

Oh man, abandoned journal alert!

March 5th, 2008 (08:25 pm)

Yeesh. Keeping up with so many different blogs may just be the death of me.

I have been knitting, really! I swear! I even got some pictures of old knitting from Christmas before last!

Meet the as yet unnamed Sheldon that I knit for my mom Christmas before last.

Sheldon 4

Isn't he lovely, besides the eye that is disintigrating? He was the first toy I knit, besides the Norberta I knit for my brother the same year. I don't have photos of Norberta, for some reason (I suspect gremlins), but the only problem I had was that the back spines turned out to be longer than the back. So, he had a bit of a wave. Not that my brother really cares.

Oh, and KnitPicks Crayon is a PITA to knit with.

Noro Iro Hat 1

The Noro Iro hat, made when the temperature here dipped into the negatives and I was without hat. (WHY I was without hat, I do not know.) Anyway, the pattern I used was Karlchen (ooh Ravelry link!). It turned out amazingly. With one skein of Noro Iro, I made a hat that fits me PERFECTLY with the brim rolled up. It's quite fantastic. I might knit it at a tighter gauge if I were to make it again, but that's about it. Then again, it stands up pretty well on its own so far - literally - that I'm not sure I'd change it.

Twisted Armwarmers 2

The Twisted Armwarmers (Ravelry link again) are really not as out-of-focus in real life, but it is difficult to take a picture of one's own arm.

Honestly, these aren't truly done yet- I have to weave in all my ends and tighten the thumb gusset (my fault! first time knitting something with a thumb!). They've been knit, though, for the past month or so. I should probably get on top of finishing them. I think I have enough alpaca left from that ginormous skein to make another pair, but since spring is coming up rapidly, I may have to think of something else.

Really, the handwarmers & the hat are the most I've done recently as far as knitting goes. Since spring is coming up, I want to try to knit something spring-like. Then again, knowing Ohio, it might be a good idea to finish another scarf...