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Knit-a-longs, Blog Rings and the like.

January 1st, 2020 (12:00 am)

Oh man, abandoned journal alert!

March 5th, 2008 (08:25 pm)

Yeesh. Keeping up with so many different blogs may just be the death of me.

I have been knitting, really! I swear! I even got some pictures of old knitting from Christmas before last!

Clicky!!!Collapse )

Really, the handwarmers & the hat are the most I've done recently as far as knitting goes. Since spring is coming up, I want to try to knit something spring-like. Then again, knowing Ohio, it might be a good idea to finish another scarf...

Noro Scarf

February 1st, 2007 (06:55 pm)

Yarn: 2 colorways of Noro Big Kureyon, whose tags are buried somewhere on my desk.
Needles: US9 metal straights given to me by my mom when I first started to knit
Pattern: Sand stitch (K1P1 across RS, K all across WS), alternating colorways every other row.

Plusses: Very pretty, and the two colorways worked well together. Very warm.

Minuses: This stitch pattern curls. A lot. I was too impatient, so it's shorter than I'd like- it's still a good 5.5 feet, but it's not long enough to wrap several times around the neck like my usual scarf.

Overall, nice, but I don't think it will ever be a favorite scarf.

Boss Hat

January 8th, 2007 (12:49 pm)

Pattern: My own- basic top-down hat in 2x2 rib, but with faux-cables. It was a pain to figure out the increasing, but I think it worked rather well.
Yarn: Katia Nordic in Eggplant; just over one skein.
Needles: 5 size 13 bamboo DPNs.

The only things I'd change about this is 1) the cast off- it seemed a bit tight when I was trying it on, and I'm not sure if it was just me, or if I needed to loosen it up some- and 2) NOT use needles that will pick up dye when knitting with wool that will probably leave some color on them. My size 13 DPNs are now tinted purple.

Not quite sure what the verdict is from the Boss yet; I didn't see her after giving her the present, & won't until next week. We shall see.

ETA: Boss liked the hat. Hooray!

Long time, no post!

January 5th, 2007 (08:34 pm)

My camera took a foot to the LCD screen (not my fault!), so no pictures yet. However, in the year that I've been knitting, I've moved up from garter-stitch scarves to Norberta, Shelly, the column of leaves scarf, and the multi-directional scarf for just Christmas presents. Hooray!

Knitting resolutions for this year: Knit a sweater, knit at least one sock.

Today, Mom and I drove down to Skippack, PA to hit up Yarnings. It's a 2-hour drive or so, but well worth it. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything to gauge for a sweater, so that'll have to wait. Ah well. BUT, that didn't keep me from getting yarn, especially since the parentals gave me $50 to yarn for Christmas. So, what did I get?

With that $50, I got 2 skeins of Noro Iro in a black/white/pink colorway that I can't identify because when the clerk wound them for me, she took the tags; 3 balls of Schoeller + Stahl Limbo Color in 2539, which is a pretty rainbow-y yarn; 1 ball of Laines du Nord Kiddy Print in color 512 (baby blue); and a $10 grab-bag with a ball of Idéna Kos, one of Wendy/Peter Pan DK, one of Louise Harding Kashmir DK, one of Knit One Crochet Too's PJ's in pink and green, two of Schachenmayr Nomotta Nordica in mint, two of Marks & Kattens' Peluche, and two of Berroco Hush in Paddy Whack.

So, pretty good deal for a $10 bag, and less than $90 spent overall.

I need to wait until I get home to make arm warmers with the Noro, and I have to find something else to make with all the rest of it. Also, socks.

Wrestling the porcupine

April 13th, 2006 (06:57 pm)
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internal: courageous
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I am learning to wrestle the porcupine.

See, one of my good friends from high school is graduating this year. He is absolutely fabulous, and he loves wearing outrageous mis-matched socks. So, I am going to attempt to learn how to knit socks so I can make him three or four (miss-matched) socks for graduation (at the end of May). Of course, whether or not I will be able to do this depends entirely on whether or not I'll be able to wrestle this porcupine into submission!

Today I bought some lovely german sock-weight yarn (meilemweit cotton fun, $7.75/50 oz 'cause my LYS is WAY overpriced) and some Brittany birch size 2 DPNs. For my first sock, I am attempting this. We shall see how it turns out!

Frustration and Determinations

March 6th, 2006 (04:30 pm)

internal: determined
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So what happens when you realize that the EXTREMELY simple garter stitch rectangle shawl you've been idly working on for months has a dropped stitch halfway down? FROG IT. Unfortunately, this frogging resulted in a lump of yarn that, due to my negligence, turned into this.Collapse )

It took me a couple hours to de-tangle that. The yarn's Caron Simply Soft, so at least I didn't have to worry about breaking it or anything... but it did generate a significant amount of fuzz. Bah. I think I may just say "screw it" to that one and make something nicer out of that yarn.

Branching Out..... Well, yeah, it's had its issues. I've had my issues with it, including (successfully) fighting the urge to throw it forcefully across the room. Deep breaths and sleeping on it gave me the idea that, rather than frogging it completely, I should just trudge on and see what happens. It won't be perfect, but hell, eventually I'll get it right! And then I'll get some other yarn and make it over again, but by then I'll have the pattern down, and then I'll do it perfectly. Muaha!

Anyway, here's what I have so far.Collapse )

Ah well, I shall continue the good fight and resist the temptation to commit seppuku with the very blunt, plastic size 8s.


March 6th, 2006 (12:07 am)

internal: annoyed
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I need to make a "STABBITY" icon. Soon. Branching Out from knitty.com is being a royal pain. I don't think there's a single row in the last repeat of the pattern that I *DIDN'T* mess up. *growl*

Never again will I take lace knitting to one of Katy's shoots- too much distraction. Growl.

I'm going to give it a break for a while- I'll have all of spring break to knit it, and then I can give it to Chris to give to his mom for me. I'm scared to do it myself, lol. Go figure.

At least it'll be kinda pretty when it's done....

I'll go work on my bag for a while, something easier. Something that requires a lot less brainpower. Probably while watching a movie or listening to a book on tape before I fall asleep...

Current work in progress

February 14th, 2006 (08:29 pm)

internal: creative
external: The Cure ~ The Lovecats

So, my plan is this: I want to create a 12"x12"x3" bag with a flap closure. I want to put this pattern on the bag, in glow-in-the-dark yarn (which should be coming in tomorrow via UPS). I may possibly cable the sides/strap, depending on if I can teach myself well enough by then.

To work up to being able to knit this, as well as being able to tell whether or not this pattern I made up will actually work, I am knitting a practice bag out of crappy Red Heart acrylic. So far I started the strap, which I intend to be 2 1/2 feet long (since it needs to act as both the strap and the sides for a 6"x6"x2" bag). Unfortunately, I started working it in stockinette, which curls and stretches unbelievably. So, I figured if I kept knitting stockinette for 6", or where it'll technically still be the side of the bag, sewing it to the rest of the bag would take out the curl. Since then I've knit another 4" or so in seed/moss stitch, which is a tad wider somehow and not at all curly. I'm sure I'm making mistakes here and there, but it won't even be visible.

Mom (themommage) is sending me a cable pin in a care package, so when that comes in, I'll be able to start my cabling disasters practice. Yay for bag preparations!

Until then, I'll keep seed stitching for another foot and a half, and maybe working some more intarsia practice to see if I actually *did* get it the last time around. Fun fun fun fun. Yay!

First Post

February 11th, 2006 (02:06 pm)

internal: creative
external: The Presidents Of The United States Of America ~ Kitty

Hi and welcome to rivetkitten's knitting journal. I figured it'd be best to start an entirely different journal for a couple reasons- first, because I know not everyone on my friends list would want to see my knitting squees, and secondly, because rivetkitten has too many communities for me to keep track of as-is. If I split it up a bit maybe I'll be able to keep track of them better.

Right now I'm working on a hat/scarf set for gangrel_83, using Sensations "Beautiful" in black and red. It's 51% acrylic, 49% nylon, and is an absolute bitch to knit with- it has the tendency to either cling or be too slippery. One skein had a good 6-7" of bald thread, which wound up being knit into the scarf. It's too bad, because the rest of the scarf is awesome. The yarn is soft that I'm tempted to keep the hat/scarf for myself. However I know that with his shaved head, gangrel_83 has problems staying warm. He needs it more than I do.

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